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Paintball Fields

Paintball Playing Fields, Scenarios & Games

If you are looking for Paintball Playing Fields, look no further then Action Packed Paintball! We offer a wide range of Paintball games and scenario games. From fast moving Speedball to games like Woods of War that reward stealth and concealment. Our paintball playing fields are set up to allow several groups to play at once. Let us know your preference when making your reservations!

 Jordan MN Paintball

City of Tombstone

Welcome to the city of Tombstone! Play in the streets of our old western town, or outmaneuver your competition battling from room-to-room and building to building!


Firebase Alpha

Your base is surrounded and the only way to survive is to fight your way out of buildings and use stacked ammo cases as cover!

paintball spectators


Looking for a heavy dose of adrenaline? Our airball field will give it to you with close combat!

paintball games

Civil War

Line up like the Blue and Gray in the Civil War. Hearts pound, tension rises and then the stand off begins… explosive paintball combat!


The Jungle

Deep in the  overgrown jungle you have to use your wits to outmaneuver your opponent. Trees to brush are your cover in this exciting field!



In the Desert war or Wild West it frequently comes down to who will been seen first and who will survive. Field full of sand bags and ammo cases for cover!


Woods of War

Classic Paintball in wooded fields. Tree cover, trails brush, sandbags and walls to conceal friend and foe alike. Ambush the other team and be careful you don’t get caught first.

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